Annabel Smith in YOU LOOK FINE (2021)

I am a writer, director, producer and 1st AD on artist films, shorts and music videos. I am also the Production Officer for Film and Video Umbrella, a charity supported by Arts Council England, which commissions and produces artist films with established and emerging contemporary artists.  
You can find my IMDb page here.
•Guy Oliver's You Know Nothing of My Work, which I produced in 2020, has been nominated for The Jarman Award 2021.  Guy Oliver joins other award nominees Georgina Starr, Adham Faramawy, Jasmina Cibic, Larry Achiampong and Sophia Al-Maria.  The winner will be announced on 23rd November 2021. 
• BFI Network have announced that they will officially be backing JIM, a short I am producing alongside Tedium Entertainment.  Production on the film, which follows a closeted gay priest in the 80s, is scheduled for Summer 2021
• My debut short as director, YOU LOOK FINE, is complete; film festival submissions are underway
• I am undertaking a new artist film as writer/director and project coordinator, which will combine opera and poetry on film.  The project is a collaboration with composer Athanasia Kontou and soprano/performer Helene Mathiesen, and will be a co-production with new opera company Medusa Collective.  
writer/directoryou look fine, 2021 (completed)
Written & directed by Katie Byford.  Starring Annabel Smith and Sarah Flower.  Produced by Kirsty Dua & Katie Byford.  Edited by Stella Heath Keir.  Production design by Maddalena McNicholas.  Cinematography by Dominika Besinska.  Research & advice from Rape Crisis. 
My forthcoming directorial debut, YOU LOOK FINE, explores the sensory realities of living with PTSD, through a woman's struggle to come to terms with the trauma of assault and the difficulties of being heard. 
A film by Guy Oliver.  Produced by Katie Byford.  Music by Suzy Davies.  Cinematography by Jamie Quantrill.  Production design by Maddalena McNicholas.  Commissioned for the Jerwood/FVU Awards 2020: Hindsight, a collaboration between Jerwood Arts and Film and Video Umbrella.
YOU KNOW NOTHING OF MY WORK is a satirical, half-hour episodic pop-opera, that probes our collective reaction when cultural heroes are brought low by accusations or convictions of sexual misconduct, expressing this awkwardness and pain through satire, mockumentary and musical.  The work was exhibited at the Jerwood Space in London in November 2020.  More details available here.  Watch the FVU Frames interview with Guy Oliver for insight on the film's premise and creation.
CO-PRODUCER, CATCH A BUTCHER, 2021 (forthcoming)
Written & directed by Cassiah Joski-Jethi.  Starring Ramanique Ahluwalia, Manpreet Bambra and Faith Knight.  Produced by Thomas McDonald and Maria Matei.  Cinematography by Robbie Bryant.  BFI Network Short Film from Tedium Entertainment.
CATCH A BUTCHER is a BFI-backed short period horror, which brings to life the erasure of mixed-race people in colonial India, through one maternity nurse's investigation into the disappearances of mixed-race babies on her ward.  
Directed by Marianna Simnett.  Co-written by Marianna Simnett & Charlie Fox.  Produced by Sophie Neave.  Cinematography by Robbie Ryan BSC.  Starring Joanne Whalley.  Produced by Film and Video Umbrella.  Co-commissioned by the Rothschild Foundation, Frans Hals Museum, and Film and Video Umbrella.
Created using live birds, eels and the backdrop of Waddesdon Manor, THE BIRD GAME is a twisted fairytale in which six children are lured into a sequence of challenges by the murderous Crow, voiced by Joanne Whalley. Shot on 16mm film by Oscar-winning cinematographer Robbie Ryan.
Directed by Robbie Bryant.  Written by Rhys Hills and Robbie Bryant.  Produced by Fred Bonham Carter, Thomas McDonald, Alessandro Farrattini Pojani and Franziska Lindner.  Starring Paul Copley and Timothy Innes.  Cinematography by Robbie Bryant.  Produced by Tedium Entertainment.
 Somewhere between quiet drama and alternative sci-fi, THOUSAND YESTERDAYS depicts Charlie Rainbird (Paul Copley) confronting his younger self (Timothy Innes), a soldier transported to his garden from the World War I trenches.  Shot on film by BAFTA-winning cinematographer Robbie Bryant, festival screenings include Norwich Film Festival and the European Cinematography Awards, where Robbie was awarded Best Cinematography. ​​​​​​​
Written & directed by Robert Harrison.  Produced by Katie Byford and Max Hatfield.  Starring Luis Amália and Maja Bloom.  Cinematography by Max Smith.  Edited by Harry Baker.
TEA WITH LEMON is a short comedy about an eccentric man (Luis Amália) who constructs an enigmatic persona to charm a waitress.  In January 2019 the film screened at Flickerfest, the Oscar-qualifying and BAFTA-accredited film festival based in Sydney, and the film was awarded a travel grant from the British Council for Robert and me to attend. The film's London premier took place at London Lift-Off Festival, and it received awards and nominations at Oslo Independent Film Festival, Bristol Independent Film Festival and Short to the Point film festival.
(Select Credits)
Sam Fletcher and Asim Chaudhry, SIMON IS A PR*CK (2019)
Sam Fletcher and Asim Chaudhry, SIMON IS A PR*CK (2019)
Rebecca Phillips, SILICONE SKIN (2020)
Rebecca Phillips, SILICONE SKIN (2020)
1st Assistant Director, UNDER ME by Rebecca Phillips, 2020
Music promo.  Directed by Rebecca Phillips.  Produced by Corrine Amos and Rebecca Phillips.  Cinematography by Natalja Safronova.  Production design by Melissa Schwartz.    
1st Assistant Director, SILICONE SKIN by Rebecca Phillips, 2020
Music promo.  Directed by Rebecca Phillips.  Produced by Sam Brain.  Cinematography by Anna MacDonald.  Production designer Melissa Schwartz.    
Written & directed by Charlotte George.  Produced by Isabella de Rosario.  Starring Niamh Bacon-Breen and David Kennedy.  Cinematography by  Jake Corbett.  Commissioned as part of the Directors UK/Arri Challenge Trinity Scheme.
1st Assistant Director, THE NEAR ROOM, 2019
Written & directed by Sophie Cundale.  Produced by Laura Shacham.  Starring John Harding Jnr and Penny Goring.  Cinematography by Giacomo La Monaca.  Commissioned and produced by the Film & Video Umbrella.
1st Assistant Director, SIMON IS A PR*CK, 2019
Directed by Amelia Dimoldenberg.  Produced by Roxanne Farahmand.  Starring Asim Chaudhry and Alistair Green.  Presented by Homespun Yarns.  
Zoë Tapper, NATIVES (2019)
Zoë Tapper, NATIVES (2019)
1st Assistant Director, ACRIMONIOUS, 2019
Directed by Olivia Emden.  Written by Joey Akubeze and Olivia Emden.  Produced by Sam Brain and Giannina Rodriguez Rico.  Starring Joey Akubeze, Shaniqua Okwok, Shubham Saraf and Tia Bannon.  Cinematography by Molly Manning Walker.  A Memory Pictures Ltd & Bluebird Film production.  
Production Coordinator/2nd AD, THE BIRD GAME, 2019
Directed by Marianna Simnett.  Co-written by Marianna Simnett & Charlie Fox.  Produced by Sophie Neave.  Cinematography by Robbie Ryan BSC.  Starring Joanne Whalley.  Produced by Film and Video Umbrella.  Co-commissioned by the Rothschild Foundation, Frans Hals Museum, and Film and Video Umbrella.
1st Assistant Director, NATIVES, 2019 
Written & directed by Síofra Campbell.  Produced by Katie Smith.  Starring Zoë Tapper.  Cinematography by Anthony Brown.
1st Assistant Director, BEFRIEND TO DEFEND, 2019
Directed by Esmé Hicks.  Written & starring Sophie Ablett.  Produced by Christina Riggs and Catrin Rushen.  Cinematography by Nathalie Pitters.  A Rabbit & Rooster Ltd production.
Written & directed by Simi Abe.  Produced by Natalie Gothelf and Rachel JM Gold.  Starring Tracy Ifeachor and Okorie Chukwu.  Cinematography by Vince Knight.  Produced by BBC Arts and Screen South as part of the New Creatives initiative.
1st Assistant Director, THROUGH A SCREEN DARKLY, 2019
Written & directed by Zac Spearman.  Produced by Natalie Gothelf and Rachel JM Gold.  Starring Magdalena Skerencak.  Cinematography by Vince Knight.  Produced by BBC Arts and Screen South as part of the New Creatives initiative.
Laura Whitmore, SADHBH (2019)
Laura Whitmore, SADHBH (2019)
Lucy Heath and Michah Gordon, BETTER (2019)
Lucy Heath and Michah Gordon, BETTER (2019)
Thalissa Teixeira, EXIT EVE (2018)
Thalissa Teixeira, EXIT EVE (2018)
1st Assistant Director, HOUSEWARMING, 2019  
Written & directed by Elisabeth Watts.  Produced by Thomas McDonald.  Starring Kit Sinclair, Tian Scott and Huw Brentnall.  Cinematography by Robbie Bryant.  A Tedium Entertainment production.
1st Assistant Director, SADHBH, 2019  
Directed by Arjun Rose.  Written by & starring Laura Whitmore.  Produced by Laura Whitmore and Branwen Summers.  Cinematography by Simon Shen.  Presented by Yer Wan Productions.
1st Assistant Director, BETTER, 2019 
Directed by Michael J Ferns.  Written by Lucy Heath.  Produced by Kirsty Dua.  Starring Lucy Heath, Endy McKay and Micah Gordon.  Cinematography by Alistair Little.
2nd Assistant Director, EXIT EVE, 2018
Directed by Charlie Parham.  Written by Alex MacKeith.  Produced by Helen Simmons, Stephanie Aspin and Savannah Power.  Starring Thalissa Teixeira, Hattie Morahan, Daisy Head and Julian Ovenden. Cinematography by Neil Oseman. An Erebus Pictures production.
3rd Assistant Director, EVIE, 2018
Written & directed by Miranda Howard-Williams.  Produced by Jessica Benhamou.  Starring Harry Gilby and Caitlan Barrett-Ward. Cinematography by Catherine Goldschmidt.
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