Annabel Smith stars in YOU LOOK FINE (2020, forthcoming)

Katie Byford is a writer, producer, assistant director and new director on artist films, short films and music videos. You can find her IMDb page here.
Katie's directorial debut, YOU LOOK FINE, is in post-production.  Starring Annabel Smith and Sarah Flower, the short explores the sensory realities of living with PTSD, through a woman's struggle to come to terms with the trauma itself. The almost entirely female-led crew includes director of photography Dominika Besinska and producer Kirsty Dua, with research and advice received from the charity Rape Crisis.
Since 2019 Katie has been assisting with the writing and production of the feature-length artist film FAR AWAY AND NEXT TO US with artists Mariana Vassileva and Joseph Devitt Tremblay.  Two of Katie's short film scripts have been produced, one of which is available to view here. Her short alternative sci-fi script VISITOR reached the quarterfinals of the ScreenCraft Film Fund. 
Katie is currently assisting the production of the feature length artist film FAR AWAY AND NEXT TO US, spearheaded by sculptor and contemporary artist Mariana Vassileva and produced and photographed by Joseph Devitt Tremblay.
Katie produced Guy Oliver's artist film YOU KNOW NOTHING OF MY WORK, for the 'Hindsight' Jerwood/FVU Awards 2020, completed this April. The 30-minute episodic work probes our collective reaction when cultural heroes are brought low by accusations or convictions of sexual misconduct, expressing this awkwardness and pain through satire, mockumentary and musical. The exhibition of the Jerwood/FVU final works has been postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic but information about Guy Oliver's work can be found here.
Katie is co-producing on a BFI-backed short historical horror, CATCH A BUTCHER, directed by Cassiah Joski-Jethi.  Now in post-production, the film brings to life the erasure of mixed-race people in colonial India, through one maternity nurse's investigation into the disappearances of mixed-race babies on her ward.  
In 2018 Katie produced 'Tea with Lemon', a short comedy which in January 2019 screened at Flickerfest, the Oscar-qualifying and BAFTA-accredited film festival based in Sydney. After successfully crowdfunding 101% of the post-production goal, the film had its London premiere at London Lift-Off Film Festival and has been awarded Best Short Film at Bristol Independent Film Festival and Short to the Point film festival in Bucharest. It was also nominated for an award at Oslo Independent Film festival.
Other production roles include Production Coordinator on Marianna Simnett's THE BIRD GAME, shot by Oscar-winning cinematographer Robbie Ryan, and Assistant Producer on short alternative sci-fi, 'Thousand Yesterdays', directed by BAFTA-nominated Robbie Bryant.  Katie has previously been a runner on shorts and features including Billie Piper's directorial debut, 'Rare Beasts', and has interned briefly with Western Edge Pictures.
Katie has worked on a number of short films, artist films and music videos as 1st AD.  These include two short films for BBC Arts and Arts Council England's New Creatives initiative, as well as works commissioned by the Film and Video Umbrella and Directors UK.  She has Assistant Directed for BAFTA-winning director Michael Ferns and BAFTA-nominated cinematographer Robbie Bryant, and on short projects spearheaded by Laura Whitmore and Amelia Dimoldenberg.  
As well as its production coordinator, Katie acted as 2nd AD on the set of Marianna Simnett's latest film work THE BIRD GAME, which was captured on 16mm by Robbie Ryan, Oscar-nominated cinematographer of 'The Favourite'.  Katie has worked as 2nd AD under Helen Simmons (producer of 'Chubby Funny') and as 3rd AD under Miranda Howard-Williams (director on ‘Doctors’).  
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